Bitcoin ATM in Dublin City

Bitcoin ATM


There was a great “Whoa!” factor using this great piece of technology. The future of finance is here ladies and gentlemen. The Bitcoin ATM is done by BitEx and can be found in GSM Solutions along the Luas line.


With the Bitcoin Wallet application on a smart phone, all one has to do is open the app and scan the QR code on the ATM. With the mobile device and ATM connected, one just inserts money into the machine to see how much Bitcoin can be bought for. Double check if the unique wallet address is correct and agree to buy Bitcoins. The ATM gives the option to send the receipt to an e-mail address. In seconds the Bitcoins appears in the wallet. After receiving the Bitcoins, my wallet suggested to me to back-up the wallet, encrypt with a password and forward the back-up to another device; in case I lose my phone and with it my Bitcoins on the way home. “Whoa!” indeed.


Well beam me up Scotty. Now ready to buy a coffee with a currency system that does not require perpetual debt and bailouts. Financial freedom within out life time.


Since last time I was in the shop, the price of Bitcoin moved up to €203 per Bitcoin. Including fees, that puts the price of Bitcoin from the ATM around €210. I spent €25 on BTC0.11560217.