Responsive Web Applications

Developing web applications to be responsive to mobile and tablet devices is a must. Web usage from mobile devices are on the increase, and Google now ranks responsive web applications higher than websites that ignore mobile users. This means that if you cannot display, you cannot play.

Responsive Design

MeteorJS, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS.

Using JavaScript frameworks such as Meteor, Node, MongoDB, Bower and Angular to make a more interactive experience for the web user. Believe in the “One code to rule them all” theor in JavaScript for both frontend and backend.


HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.

Following a design layout, I can develop the layout for a website using the latest developments in HTML and CSS. Using Bootstrap, I able to make websites which are responsive to users browser, and is suitable for both mobile and tablet users.


Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

First contributed to the frontend of an ethereum project. Working on interacting with the Bitcoin blockchain with JavaScript, Bitcore, Node and Bower.




I have used ASP and PHP to build large e-commerce projects. Using MySQL or SQL to administrate the database, Both PHP and ASP arranges the information for the we user in a dynamic fashion. Ideal for large projects and websites.



Custom Management System(CMS).

For most small to medium websites, a CMS is more efficient for managing content for a website. A template can either be designed from scratch or altered from an existing template. I have experience with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Tumblr.



Social media, online marketing and advertising.

In my experience promoting websites online since 2007, I have collected a set of skills in promote projects online using an array of different social media and online advertising tools such as; Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon, and many more.

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