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WHAT IF? Only five years in the future, many holiday destinations accept Bitcoin payments. The South of Europe, Canary Islands, Malta, Greece, Spanish and Italian Islands but also Asia and other parts of the world.

That would be freaking awesome, let’s do it.

Bitcoin is coming and nobody can stop it. It will change the world forever in a very positive way, bringing peace and prosperity by simply out-competing the fiat-money system.

But it won’t happen by itself. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency needs the support of many passionate people, companies and campaigns.

Bitcoin Adventure is one of those.


What We Need & What You Get

We need a startup seed funding to execute our platform development, sales strategy and marketing plan.  We need to contact hundreds of restaurant owners, guest house managers, and diving schools and help them to install wallets and answer all their questions.

We defenitley are a lean startup, since we are masters of minimalism lifestyle and Gozo is very cheap to live. The money should last at least 6 months.

The biggest part of the costs will be the signup of merchants since we have to get in touch with them personally and guide them through the Bitcoin Universe.

We tried our best to design awesome perks of real value. Escpecially the weeken trip will be under our full attention because we want design a very special trip for you.
The Bitcoin Adenture weekend is a trip to Gozo that you will never forget. It includes a warm welcome of the founders and a personal sightseeing tour around the Island.

Bitcoin Adventures arranged for you:

You can book flights with Abitsky
We hope to get some Arcade City drivers on the street, for your airport transfer.
The first Bitcoin guest houses can be checked on our website
A list of activities is also on our site.
If you have to take care of your online business, Digital Gozo Coworking is your place.
And to make the experience complete, there will be a bitcoin meetup by Bitcoin Club Gozo.
We are sure that you will fall in love with Gozo.

We are a startup and cannot guarantee that everything works out as we plan it but be sure that we will do everything that is in our power to fullfill what we promise.
If you have any more detailed questions, don’t hesitate and contact us:

First Gozo, then the world

Gozo is the smaller one of the two main Maltese Islands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The islands of sunshine and history, as they are often associated, are a perfect destination to recharge your body with sun and enjoy a laid-back and relaxed Island vacation.

We start Bitcoin Adventures on the small Island of Gozo because it’s an ideal small scale market that where it’s easy to roll out ideas because there is not a big competition between ideas. Due to it’s small scale, the Island economy is easy to oversee and a critical mass can be won with less effort than in big cities. Once the early adopters set an example and see the benefits, the rest will follow and at this point, we can see Bitcoin Island evolving.

The first signups of restaurants, guest houses and shops where very easy and we think that we manage to get the majority of businesses signed up untill the end of the year,

When we were looking for good strategy to promote the use of Bitcoin, we found that a big problem for people is, that there are only few places of acceptance in the world (compared to the euro system) and for most people it’s really abtract to think about Bitcoin as an investment.

After starting the Bitcoin Club Gozo it just was the logical next step, if we reach out for local restaurants and shops to also try to convince guesthouse owners to accept Bitcoin for their bookings. Bitcoin Adventures was born and seem to be an ideal concept; Bitcoin owner’s have more oppotunities to spend Bitcoin and the local commercial sector benefits from extra revenue.

If we can show a working model, Bitcoin Adventures will be spread around the globe.

Don & Lee

We are Don and Lee, developer and entrepreneur sharing our love for Bitcoin and Island lifestyle on a beautiful piece of sand called GOZO, an Maltese Island in the Mediterranian Sea near Sicilly and Tunisia.

Lee coudln’t find any Bitcoin Meetup on the Island. So he founded Bitcoin Club Gozo. Happily, Don was attending the first Meetup (He was also the only one).

Don and Lee then dreamed about the future and how beautiful the world will be, once Bitcoin succeded. But because they are very smart, they also knew that dreams need a proper strategy, business model and marketing plan to come true 🙂

It was a local property manager that finally inspired us to develop the idea of Bitcoin Adventures.

Don’s Twitter
Lee’s Twitter

Counter-Economic Challenges

Bitcoin will never be shut down but there is always a temporary risk of regulations on a local level that can bring struggles to our business model.
In general, peer to peer platforms are not very common and the target group is small. The success of peer to peer platforms depends on good marketing so that people see the benefits.

Other Ways You Can Help


If you are unable to support this campaign with a donation, please help us to reach out.
Use the indiegogo share buttons and send it to as many of your friends as possible,

You can also post links in facebook groups and discussions and write to journalists.

Thank you very much,

Don and Lee


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