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Bitcoin ATM in Dublin City

  There was a great Whoa! factor using this great piece of technology. The future of finance is here ladies and gentlemen. The Bitcoin ATM is done by BitEx and can be found in GSM Solutions along the Luas line.   With the Bitcoin Wallet application on a smart phone, all one has to do is open

Getting Bitcoins in Dublin and Using Wallet for the First Time

What is Bitcoins? How do we get Bitcoins? How do we use Bitcoins? How do Bitcoins work? Are all really hard questions to answer without actually going through the process yourself. Do you have any clue how the international financial system works before you buy a cup of coffee? No, but maybe you should

Learn Javascript With Codecademy

Meeting with a group called Web Developers Ireland in a coffee shop to practice JavaScript together. The setting was very communal and social. We worked at our own pace, while helping each other at the sametime. And of course enjoying over priced coffee as well.   Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, the programming language of the

Responsive Favcion With Real Favicon Generator

I do not know to express how much this made me happy today. Having a favicon that responsive for all mobile and desktop devices probably should not give me this much of a kick, but it does. Tomorrow Google will start punishing websites that arent not responsive to mobile devices by pushing them drastically

Super-Bright LED Torch App For Android Review

To get to the studio which I work in, I have to walk down a lane way. I came back one night to catch up on some work and I couldnt see my way in the dark night. Luckily I remembered that I downloaded this phone application that uses the cameras flash as a

Random Acts Of Chaos And Backing Up Work

I bought a new domain name which I was going to use to develop a new project I had in mind. I thought I might as well let it sit on top of my main website that I use to present myself to clients. Happy with my days work I went to get on

New Website Up and Ready To Go!

After spending sometime talking to peers in the web industry, I deduced that HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap and AngularJS are the current industry standard for web design. At this day of age, responsive web design that is easily viewable by desktops, mobile and tablets is a must. Wordpress is still the CMS of choice for